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2 How to Block Website via Android Smartphone

Have you ever gotten a notification from a disturbing website? Especially if the notification posts that appear too often, it will certainly be so annoying activities that we are doing on Android Smartphone, such as when again fun playing games or when chatting with the same boyfriend, suddenly there is a notif always appear. So long as it can cause you to feel irritated by yourself.
How to Block Website via App Android or IOS

Still mending if it is a notification that is sent about information or news, more worse moreover, it is a negative website or that always brings up content that is less inappropriate for children. So as a wise adult, it would be better if we block the website so that the notification does not appear again in the phone notification that we use. This step is a way that you can do if you are worried when Smartphone Android is dipinjem by minors.

Well, if for how to block a website with Android Smartphone using the application, ie the intent is we do that way using the help of a third-party application or a special Android application that is used to block a website that is Named  "BlockSite ". And for the application itself can be downloaded on Google Playstore for free at no charge. So for all of you who want to try to block a website with the application, then for more about how to do it just follow the steps we wrote below just fine and right. And the way is as follows.

How to block websites using the Block Site app:

  1. First of all please install the Block site application in the Playstore.
  2. If you have disabled you enable accessibility to use this app.
  3. To use it please swipe the symbol in the upper right corner to activate the application.
  4. And to start adding sites you want to block please click the + icon in the bottom right corner.
  5. After that you just type in the address of the website or can enter an application that you want to block, then concum in the upper right corner.
As we have written above, the explanation to block the website, here we can also do without having to download other applications. It could possibly be a solution for you who do not want to keep the memory in full fast Smartphone due to the many Android applications that have been installed. So you guys just take advantage of the existing browser application, namely Google Chrome to block websites using Android Smartphone. Then how to block it? Please just follow the steps below.

How to block websites/sites with Google safe Search in Google Chrome:

  1. Please open Google Chrome browser on your Android phone.
  2. Continue by pressing the other menu-settings-General.
  3. Please proceed by tapping the safe search and activate by sliding it to the right.
  4. Well by activating this feature you will automatically be protected from sites or content that is inappropriate for display.
That way, you will be more comfortable returning when browsing Use your smartphone. It will also provide a positive impact to the child so as not to open sites or apps that should not be worth opening.
Maybe that's it. This article from 2 How to Block Website via Android Smartphone hopefully this article can add to the understanding of thought of friends and add insight to all of your friends, if you like this article share it with your friends, thank you

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