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3 Causes of Laptop Overheat And How to Fix

Find out the cause of hot fast laptops and how to fix them. Many people who do not understand how to care for a good laptop. The improper use of one causes a hot fast laptop. A hot fast Laptop will interfere with the performance and activity of its users. It is necessary as a laptop user to find out the cause of the heat so as not to inflict worse laptop damage.
Laptop Overheat
When compared to a PC or a computer, the laptop is easier fast heat because it has a thin design and solid components. Unlike PCS that have space in the CPU that can be useful as air circulation that makes hot steam reduced.

Nowadays the price of laptops is cheap, but it is very necessary to keep laptop maintenance so that the components and important parts of the laptop remain long-term. Well for those of you who are experiencing a hot fast laptop, here are some causes and how to overcome.

3 Causes of Hot fast laptops

  1. Laptop position or place when used
    Many users when wearing a laptop do not pay attention to the laptop mat itself. Sometimes using a laptop with a base covering the air circulation from the bottom of the laptop. Users do not realize how important a mat or laying problem is, but it greatly affects the air circulation of laptops. Laying like on pillows or mattresses that do not absorb heat results in the inhibition of air circulation and the effect on the laptop occurs an increase in the heat temperature of each component therein.If it is done continuously, it will cause dust to accumulate in some components such as the processor heatsink.
  2. Blocked Laptop Air ventilation
    This occurs due to the large amount of dust or dirt that mashed. The Laptop will not easily heat when the air vents are not clogged. This air vent is also used as a hot air exhaust from the fan or laptop fan. So if it is not routine in the clean will greatly interfere with the performance of the laptop and easy fast heat.
  3. Lots of dust in fan/Fan laptop
    The result of wrong use will make dust stick in the laptop fan. Dust sticking will inhibit the fun turnover so it makes a fast hot laptop. This happens due to lack of care or never cleaned. If left constantly will make the laptop hot fast because it can not remove the hot air to the maximum.

3 Ways To Solve Fast Hot Laptops

To keep your laptop durable and durable, routine maintenance including a hot laptop is immediately resolved for convenience when using it.
  1. Clean Air ventilation and laptop fan
    When viewing the air ventilation The laptop has started to dirty, immediately clean up the hot air from the laptop out to the maximum. So the laptop is not fast heat due to air ventilation that is closed due to dust or dirt. Then you can unload the laptop and check the fan section. If you have a lot of dust stuck, immediately clean it so that the laptop fan rotation works optimally. To clean the dust can use a tissue or a cathenbat.
  2. Always use the laptop on a flat surface.
    Why this is important, it is useful to keep the hot air disposal from the laptop smooth and maximized. Similarly, it is very helpful to the performance of laptop fans to spin over a reasonable capacity. Do not forget to ensure cleanliness of the laptop placement area when used. Do not let any dust around it, as it will be carried away and into the air ventilation area of the laptop. Moreover, laptops that have air ventilation holes at the bottom. If you are forced to work on the bed, try to look for a thick and flat base, can use a book or other base to keep the hot air discharge maximum.
  3. Cooling Pad
    if you have a cooling pad or an external fan, you can use this as a hot temperature expense helper on the laptop. Try not to plug into a USB laptop, use an HP charger and plug into the power stream directly so as not to drain the laptop's own power.
  4. Lastly
    for those of you who want to buy a laptop, try to buy a new one. If you have to buy a second must be laptop age because it is very influential to the performance and laptop second long usually thermal paste is already dry often makes the processor is easy to heat.
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