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How Much RAM Does An Android Phone Really Need

Does Your Android Phone Really Need a Lot of RAM?

More and more smartphone manufacturers are coming out with models that pack a lot of RAM. Quite recently, there was Oppo launching a phone with an enormous 10GB of RAM. This may make some of you wonder whether the Android Phone you’re holding has enough RAM or not. And, does your Android phone really need a lot of RAM?

What does RAM do for your phone?

Have you ever used the Windows platform? If so, then you know that having more RAM to work with is always better. The more free RAM there is, the better will your system perform. Android works things out differently. Since it is based on Linux, it operates differently from Windows-based computers. That includes the way RAM is needed. Actually, with Android, free RAM is often wasted RAM. Because, there’s little need for you to clear out RAM before your other apps can load. Linux-based machines, just like your Android phone processes this automatically and smoothly.

Which is better, less RAM or more?

With that being said, too little RAM is surely a problem. If the system doesn’t have sufficient RAM to work with, there’s bound to be issues. You’ll experience apps closing prematurely, especially those that you’ve set to run in the background; not to mention basic OS processes that must run at all times. This was the case with most Android phone owners when Lollipop came out.
How Much RAM Android
Memory management was more aggressive and demanding as compared with previous OS versions. This created problems for phones that ran on 2GB RAM or less. Users noticed apps closing and shutting down. Like, accessing Maps would close the Music Player and vice versa. Android smartphone owners were extremely frustrated. The only quick solution was to upgrade to phones that had more RAM.

Is a lot of RAM the better solution?

Thinking about phones that have 10 GB RAM (and sooner or later, maybe more!), is that reasonable or logical? Let’s think about this instead, laptops are still selling 4 GB RAM, right? If they can do well with that less of a RAM, can’t your phone manage with the same, or even lesser size? Following that line of thought, we can gather that having excessive RAM, wherein your phone is packed with a large RAM that you don’t actually need, is impractical and a waste of money since we know that having more RAM increases the price of a smartphone.

Know how much RAM you need

The main considerations in choosing between little or a lot of RAM lies in how much you actually need and what your smartphone model requires. High-end mobile phones with advanced features naturally require more RAM if you want a reliable and seamless operation. Basic phones which you only need for calls and texts will efficiently work with little RAM.

So, the deciding factors are, how heavy or advanced are you as a user and what apps and specs do you require in a phone? Know this, and choose a phone that has what you need and that has enough RAM on hand and in store to effectively run functions for you.

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