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How to Display Internet Connection Speed on Android Smartphone Screen

If you're browsing, watching videos online, playing online games, downloading files, you'll need an Internet connection. So it is true if the role of the Internet today is very important for smartphone users. Because with the Internet connection in Android smartphones, many things can be done. Besides that, many Android applications that do require an Internet connection to be able to access it.

In internet use on smartphones sometimes makes us curious about the speed of the connection. Because indeed we know that the speed Internet network connection is variable in any location. Well, sometimes it makes us curious about the speed of the Internet connection we use wherever we are. Either it is using cellular data or using a WiFi network. Because if we know the speed of Internet that we use then we can analyze and consider the use of the Internet network. Then how to find out how much internet speed by using Android smartphones?. To find out you need to download an Android application that is Internet Speed meter lite.
Internet Connection Speed
By using this application called Internet Speed Meter Lite, then you for smartphone users will be more easily in viewing speed or speed of an Internet network. And better yet, the Internet speed will appear on the status bar on the screen of your Android Smartphone. So you can keep monitoring at any time and wherever you are clearly what speed is produced. For example if when you stream video but in the video playback does not run smoothly, then by looking at the Internet speed indicator that is in the status bar of your Android screen you can know about the speed of the Internet with Time units per second.

If it comes to internet speed then it does not release with its name usage Internet quota. Now, by using this application you can also see the usage of internal quota from mobile data as well as from WiFi that we use from daily usage to monthly.

How to display Internet connection speed on Android Smartphone screen:

  1. The first step is to download and install an application called Internet Speed Meter lite in Google Playstore.
  2. To know the usage of cellular and WiFi data you use in full please go directly to the application. After that you will be able to see the mobile data usage as well as wifi data that you use within a month. And data usage will be seen daily until monthly.
  3. The speed of data transfer and also the use of cellular data and WiFi will also be displayed or you can watch directly in the notification panel on your Android Smartphone.
  4. In addition, the Internet connection speed will also appear in the status bar of your Android.

By using an application that is able to show the speed of Internet access will certainly help you in viewing any location that get a bad signal or a weak internet connection. Maybe that's all articles from How to Display Internet Cnnection Speed on Android Smartphone Screen Hopefully this article could add to the understanding and insight of a friend everything, if you like this article share it to your friends all, thanks

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