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How To Get Around the App Yourself In Android Smartphone

Applications suddenly stopped in Android smartphones are often happening in some Android smartphone users. For example, when we're in the middle of playing a mobile game legend or a former our on Instagram suddenly the app comes out by itself without any command from us running an Android smartphone. This kind of condition certainly makes us annoyed, furious, and certainly very annoying.
Android Smartphone Eror Apps
According to the experience we've found, there are several reasons why the app came out suddenly. It also never happened to one smartphone/smartphone admin Mediababe and after searching on Google problems program can be solved easily thanks to the help of the Internet.

Then what are the causes that make the Android app suddenly come out on its own? Let us refer to the following reviews.

Causes of self out apps on Android

1. Smartphone Specifications Too low

This Smartphone specification is usually very responsible for the ability or whether a Smartphone runs applications or heavy graphics. For smartphones now the specs have started high with 1 GB RAM alone is feeling slow. Not even infrequent applications bias out because the RAM or processor is no longer able to process it.

2. Screen size does not match the application

This screen usually applies to applications requiring a large screen, if your Smartphone includes a small screen usually after installing the effect that will occur is any application in the open will automatically exit itself or while it is changing Position the Smartphone from vertical to horizontal then the application stops and exits.

3. Slow Internet Network

For you players online games on Android, this is a very decisive thing of your game because of how if you are playing online games and already play hard to get a rank 1 but suddenly – suddenly your game out yes same zero empty alias . Check With Display Internet Connection

4. Running Other applications

Applications that are run simultaneously, even at the same time 5 applications, it is certainly able to turn off the game processes and other applications that require processes and memory as well. If the application lacks memory then the application will automatically exit if it does not then the result is stuck.

5. Cache Stacking

Almost the same as this cache memory is data that is automatically stored to make the app or game load faster, but the bad effect is that the memory will be seized by this cache can even cause the application to exit itself.

6. Overheated smartphones

A hot Smartphone should not be forced to play the game, because it will cause the performance to diminish whether it is in the battery part or the processor because it is forced to play the application until it is hot. The system in Android will force the app out if the system is already hot or even more terrible is that your Android Smartphone is dead itself because it is too hot.

7. Operating System already missed or not updated

For Operating System that misses will usually look after we install the application, because the direct effect is not able to play the game after install or even while installing.

Well for those of you who are looking for a solution why Android applications suddenly force close/closed or stopped by itself so applications such as ML games (Mobile Legends), social media (Facebook, Instagram, path, etc.) Exit error Message "The application has been Stopped "then the way to solve it is with several methods below.

How to solve your own exit apps on Android smartphones

1. Buy a new Smartphone

If the specifications of your Smartphone is not enough to install many applications or where the Kondisini is very bad, often hot and the screen is too small then you buy a new Smartphone, to avoid the application that comes out Own. Buy new Smartphone in Amazon

2. Using a qualified Internet network

For players online games like the one above, then the solution to solve this network problem is to use a quality Internet network such as WiFi or the like. Because if the user is using a mobile provider network then when the power off (transmitter) or the term is blackout then automatic Internet network is off too and our online games are stopped.

3. Releasing other applications

Other applications we can remove if not in need to support memory and process while using another application that is currently in use.

4. Clearing the Cache

Many caches we can delete by going through the settings menu.

5. Upgrade System Latest Android version

To upgrade your Operating System bias choose to suit the version of the game or the app you are playing it to support each other between applications

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