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How to Know MAC Address in Android Smartphone

Being confused to know and how to view Mac adress on Android? Actually, how to know Mac address Android is very easy, you can find the settings in Android smartphone settings.

But before it  you know MAC Adress that's what? MAC Address refers to the acronym for Media Access Control Address or it can be referred to as a network address implemented on the data-link layer in the seven layers of the OSI model, representing a specific node in the network, Where it is owned by any Interface Network whether it is NIC (Network interface Controller) or WNIC (Wireless Network interface Controller).
MAC Address in Android
Each NIC/WNIC has a distinct and unique MAC Address issued by the manufacturer by following the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) standards.

By knowing the MAC address of a computer, Tab, Smartphone etc, we can manage access, for example whether the device can access a network (eg WiFi) or not. Well for how to view the network address/Mac adress in Android smartphones, you can apply the steps on the following.

How to Know MAC Address in Android Smartphone

This method we can use on all Android operating systems, either Android ICS, Jelly Bean, or Kitkat. But in the following example we use Android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system to be able to find out Mac adress on Android.
  1. Go to Settings menu
  2. Select Wifi
  3. Tap on the menu
  4. Tap on Advanced
  5. Will appear MAC address that we want to know.
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