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How to Lock Your Android Gallery Using 5 Best Apps

Gallery is a built-in app on every smartphone that is used to store video or photo files. This gallery app allows users to save and view photos, videos and music in the internal memory as well as your smartphone/smartphone's external memory.

Every smartphone certainly has a gallery app, including on mobile phones based on the Android operating system. And in addition to the owner of the phone, anyone can open files in galleries of free without any dissatisfaction. There may be a lot of pictures or videos there that have to be protroted because of privacy, such as intimate photos with girlfriends, of course, photos should be protect.
How to Lock Your Android
The problem is, sometimes there is one or several files that are privacy that we do not want to know or be seen by others, even your wife or boyfriend. When our smartphone or tablet is borrowed by a wife, boyfriend or friend, and they are ignorant people, maybe the file can be seen even copied by a wife, boyfriend or friend who borrowed HP.

To avoid that, then we can use the Gallery Lock app which allows the user to lock the gallery with the best gallery lock app, to the extent that only we can access it. There are many lock gallery apps on Android, ranging from free and also premiums paid in other words, but here we will share only some free version of the app.

Well through this article, we will provide tips for those of you who do not want your gallery privacy known by anyone both boyfriend and wife then use 5 Gallery Lock app below for your gallery security. For more details, let us refer to the following reviews.

5 Best Gallery Lock Apps on Android

Gallery Lock

Not a Cuman pasword, a protection method that can be used to lock the gallery is also Pattern Lock. So if the user forgot, then can switch to use protection with pasword. There's also a Stealth mode that can hide the Gallery Lock icon until it doesn't see the icon in the app drawer anymore.

Then, for protection, the application allows the user to lock the folder individually or separately, until it will be different from other applications that automatically protects all available folders. There is also the means to do a recovery photos when the problem arises, ie when you uninstall the application, and the protected folder is not even seen back in the gallery.

Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault is a useful app to protect your gallery with a fantastic system. This application besides function hiding photos can also to encrypt various media gallery such as photos, videos and other files.

Another advantage of Gallery vault is that you can browse the Internet from the application and download video files or photos that are automatically stored directly in the Gallery vault, so that the files are directly in protection mode.

The security protections used in this application support protection by using both pin and fingerprint, but the Fingerprint protection feature only works for Samsung users. Menu display in the Gallery vault is also quite user friendly like viewing the gallery in the default application. This app is available for free and you can download it for free in Playstore.

Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulthy

Hide Pictures & Videos app is an app that focuses on image and video storage. This app is already downloaded by 300RB users from all over the world. Because this application is very easy and also provides an elegant and attractive gallery look with a black background.

Hide Pictures provides a security privacy system in your gallery using PIN password protection mode. The features available in this application are also quite interesting and complete such as, share photos, videos and other media on hide mode you can do with this app. Not only that, it also provides the features to crop the image and also rotate the images you can do when a photo you hide. Download it for free in Playstore.

PhotoSafe – Photo Hide Gallery

You can quickly determine which files will be protected because this application supports multi select. After that please hide files and protection using the password. Security system is done directly through gallery. But if you want to connect quickly, use Dialler and press the 2222 key and enter the password. Oh Yes, this app has the most small size among other apps u can download Click Here

Safe Gallery Free (Gallery Lock)

One important note that you need to remember in using this application is that when we want to uninstall it, then make sure the protection of this app is open. If not or forgotten, then all files in Gallery will be lost for ever. Nevertheless there is a way to restore it by using a recovery application called Safe Gallery Reinstall Setting Lock Media Recovery download now in Playstore.

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