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How To Make Screen Display an Always On Display On All Android

Alway On Display (AOD) is a feature that is available on smartphones, only in certain types that support the feature. This AOD will allow users to customising the screen to display the time, date, battery status, notifications, screensavers, and more. Of course, with this feature, the screen on the smartphone will feel alive even if the condition is locked.

That way, when users want to see hours, incoming notifications, or missed calls, no need to unlock the screen of the smartphone anymore. Because with this AOD feature will be able to ease the use and make it convenient when using it.

Now, because the smartphone technology is increasingly advanced and experiencing the development of this feature you can already enjoy in the flagship/high-end smartphones. But for those who do not have a smartphone that has the built-in AOD feature, then do not worry and be worried because you can still feel it by using the help of third-party applications.
How To Make Screen Display an Always On Display On All Android
For those who want to try using this AOD feature, you can download it for free on Google Playstore. So later with this AOD feature you can enjoy like using a flagship smartphone. And for how it can be by following the steps below.

How to make your screen display an always on display on all Android:

  1. Download and install Always On Display-AMOLED app via Google Playstore.
  2. Next if already, then go straight to the application then please give a checkmark to approve the policy on this application and start by pressing get started.
  3. And then, in order for AOD to run on your Android smartphone, then don't forget to allow this app to access the phone by pressing allow. Then please activate displayOnScreen by dragging it to the right.
  4. If it is already then there will appear some settings. Well, here we can adjust according to how it looks to your liking. Start from the type of hour and date, type of font. After setting it up, then press apply to apply it.
  5. And as a picture of what it would be like to use AOD feature as in the above steps, then this looks like using Always On Display that we created.
Quite easy is not the way to make the screen display be Always On Display on all types of Android phones ?. Well, than curious because it has not tried it then go straight to try it.

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