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How To Report Suspicious Apps Smartphone

Do You Need to Report Suspicious Apps?

Suspicious or malicious apps can compromise the data and security of your Android phone. All it takes is one app installation and you can say goodbye to the privacy of your data and security of your OS. If you happen to come across a malicious or suspicious app, you can promptly and easily report it to Google.

Which site is safe?

First off, you need to keep in mind that a lot of Android malware won’t flash a warning banner. At times, there’d be no indication whatsoever that an app is suspicious or malicious in nature and form. It’s best that you are familiar with Android malware and that you know how to spot and avoid them as that is your best defense. What’s even better is to stick with Google Play Store as your primary (if not your only) source of apps for downloads.
How To Report Suspicious Apps
However, if you must source apps outside of the official Android store, it is important that you can trust the source and the site before you download and run them on your device. Reliable third-party app stores include Amazon and the like. Sites like this are your better alternatives since they offer direct APK file downloads.

Going back to the Google Play Store, not all apps are 100% safe. Keep that in mind. Once in a while, you may come across suspicious apps. These may be new apps or apps from new companies. Often, there’s little to zero review. Some are just a scam. Help Google and other Android phone owners by reporting any suspicious apps so that Google can make a proper review and removal. Read on for ways to do it.

You can directly report from your device by opening Google Play Store

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Search for the suspicious app.
  • Click “Flag as Inappropriate. You will find this on the top-right of the app listing page. There’s a 3-dot menu button. Click that to show the option to flag the app.
  • Choose the corresponding reason for your complaint. There are seven choices including “Sexual Content”, “Impersonation”, and “Harmful to Device or Data”. Choose this last one to report a malware app. If in some case, you couldn’t find the right choice, you can choose “Other Objection” which is last on the list.
  • Click “Submit”.

You can fill out a form online in Google Play Store.

When you’re directly reporting it through your Android phone via Google Play Store App, there’s no section for additional comments or additional details. You can opt to make an online complaint on Google Play Store. There, you can fill up a form and elaborate on the details. You can even attach supporting evidence that will corroborate your complaint.
  • Go to Google Play Store Help Center web page.
  • Navigate to “Help by Product Type.”
  • Click “Google Play Store.”
  • Select “Fix an Issue.”
  • Choose “Report Content Issues or Violations.”
  • Scroll to “Computer.”
  • Click “Flag Apps, Games, or Music as Inappropriate”
  • Choose the corresponding reason for your complaint. The choices include “Sexual or Graphic Content, “Illegal Activities”, “Spam”, “Harmful to Device or Data”, and more. Choose “Harmful to Device or Data” or “Other Objection” if you feel that the latter is more proper.
  • Fill in the space that requests a brief explanation. Explain why you’re making the report and provide as many facts as possible. If the app is online and live for download, include the web URL for it.
  • Declare your name and email address.
  • Click “Submit” to finish.

Whether it’s through your Android smartphone or the online web page, Google will receive your complaint for review and action. When there is merit, the app will be queued for immediate removal from the Google Play Store.

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