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How to Troubleshoot A Problematic Android Internet Connection

How to solve and repair problematic Android Internet connection and often disconnected due to error even Android cellular data packet signal does not appear so that Android has already activated data package or Android connected to WiFi but Can not access the Internet. These constraints are often encountered by Android users they are looking cool surfing in cyberspace but the connection is suddenly disconnected due to problematic Android.

It is currently undeniable that users of Android smartphones are now growing in number. That means, it signifies that Google's artificial operating system is indeed proven to be a human "living companion" that is implemented in the form of gadgets.
Problematic Android Internet Connection
But not closed, but also if Android devices are still experiencing frequent problems. One of the most frequently encountered problems is the sudden disconnected Internet connection. Through this article we will review tips how to fix problematic Android Internet connection on Samsung Smartphone, Xiaomi, Advan, Smart Andromax, Oppo, Vivo, Asus and others in the following reviews.

How to Troubleshoot a problematic Android Internet Connection

1. Activate Airplane Mode

When the Internet connection is off and the data packet validity period has not been exhausted, you can try to activate Airplane mode. True, turn on the mode then shuts down after a while so that the data packets from each provider will refresh again and seek better connections.

2. Reboot with Airplane Mode

In addition to temporarily activating Airplane mode, you can try to reboot your Android smartphone or tablet while still activating the Airplane mode. Then turn off the mode. How to fix this Android Internet connection is already widely used and proved to be successful.

3. Reset APN

As it is, each provider is sure to provide different types of APN on the mobile network in order to keep using the Internet directly on the device. Normally, when the APN settings are changed, the Internet connection also changes or can even be lost. To do this, you need to reset your APN to be able to re-activate your Android PHONE.

4. Enter the APN Manually

If you do not get the settings to activate the Internet connection on your Android, or there may be a fiddling until the network finally problematic, enter the APN manually. But, to be aware of is the arrangement in each Internet service provider is different. Then you should find the right settings. If you have trouble, you can call the operator of each provider for assistance.

5. Switch Network Manually

Maybe you've tried the above ways, but it's still constrained. Therefore, this last way is to switch network manually. For example, you use 4G LTE mode, move it first to 3G or 2G for a while. If it's been a while, switch again to 4G LTE mode. Easy is not it ?

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