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The Coolest And Latest Features of Android 10 !

What Are Features to Love in Android 10?

Android 10 came out on September 3, 2019. It is currently version 17 of the Android mobile OS. It’s Google’s final version of its new OS (dubbed Android Q in beta) for Android gadgets. If you haven’t upgraded to Android 10 or if you’ve had little time to explore the new software, here are some features to love in this new rollout.
Android 10 Features
(Note that some of these features were available on prerelease. Others ran on launch and some others will be up at a later time. Then, there’ll be features which only Google Pixel users get to experience ahead.)

An All-new and Improved Gesture Navigation

Android 9 users saw a lot of changes to navigation. With android 10, more attention is placed on gesture navigation. Google wanted to standardize gesture navigation across all Android phones, hence, Android 10 is major on that one.

For instance, to view your recently opened apps, you’d have to swipe up from the “pill” down the bottom of your screen. And, there’s a Back button on the left side of the pill, right? Well, upgrading to Android 10 removes that Back button and puts in a side-swipe gesture.

Google felt this is needed to provide ease to users who grasp their smartphone with only one hand. Mobile phone users access the Back button 50% more compared with the Home button. With this improvement, the Back feature is easier to execute. Don’t worry though. Should you find this change confusing, you can still set-up a 3-icon navigation system in the Settings panel.

Dark Mode Settings in More Apps

Past Android OS lets you use Dark Mode on a few elements. Android10 lets you apply Dark Mode settings on both the system User Interface and additional apps, so long as you opt in. You can use Dark Mode on Google Keep, Google Calendar, YouTube, and Google Fit can use Dark Mode, as well as Gmail and Google Chrome. Plus, on Google Pixel, activating the battery-saving feature will enable Dark Mode by default.

More Accessibility Features

With the roll out of Android 10, you’ll see Live Captioning in play. This feature applies text to prerecorded videos. When your friend sends you a video message, you get to hear and read what he or she sent. This is unlike Live Transcribe, where audio is transcribed as it is being played. Google Pixel users get to activate Live Captioning ahead of owners of other Android smartphone models.

Additionally, if you are among those with hearing problems and use a professional hearing aid, Android 10 allows your listening device to connect to your smartphone via a Bluetooth channel (not a regular Bluetooth connection). This type of connection should be more battery-friendly and efficient.

More Secure and Private

New security and privacy features are included in Android 10. You can activate and turn off location tracking per app. You can choose to allow location tracking while using an app, that is, when it’s active and open on your screen.

Further, Google Play will provide privacy security updates direct from the store so users can have immediate access to new features.

Android 10 now enables to see how much personal data is accessed and cleaned by Google apps and other applications. You just need to check these things within your Google Account controls or your Android phone Settings panel.

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