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Windows 10 Preview Brings Android Phone Calls to Your PC

Windows 10 preview brings Android phone calls to your PC

Are you ready for a brand new way of receiving phone calls on your PC? Who would have ever thought you wouldn't need a phone to receive a call on your personal computer. Samsung's DeX now works directly with your computer. Users will be able to transfer files, photos, reply to messages, and use mobile apps right on your personal computer.

It promotes a link to Windows in the phone's Quick Panel that will share your phone's alerts and notifications directly onto your PC screen. This can all be done with no specialized apps required. This is a great way to avoid having to constantly check your phone every 10 seconds to see if you missed something pressing.
Android Phone Calls Windows 10
This new version also allows users the ability to make and receive phone calls directly on their personal computers. The calls feature, as a whole offers the following:

  • Ability to answer phone calls directly on your personal computer
  • Start a phone call from your personal computer using an app dialer
  • Allow you the ability to decline phone calls on your personal computer with a custom text or have the phone call directly sent to voicemail
  • Through your personal computer, you will be able to look at the recent call history. The numbers of those phone calls will also populate when you click on a specific call.
  • Easily transfer calls between your phone and your personal computer

Some call features may require the pairing of your mobile phone with your personal computer again. If this happens, simply unpair your devices and pair up once more. This could be one of the potential glitches that you could run into with the pre-release of the software.

There have also been warnings from Microsoft that some of the older versions of anti-cheat game software can produce some expected crashes on the latest build. If you are absolutely dependent on your personal computer, it is recommended that you wait a while to make sure all glitches have been taken care of before installing onto your computer. If your computer doesn't have to be reliable 100 percent of the time, Windows feels safe enough for you to try it.

Comfort and Ease At Your Fingertips

This will be the start of a revolutionary change in computer-phone interactions. It is something that will come with some initial hesitation and reluctance, but it will allow people the opportunity to not have to keep switching from their phones to their personal computers on a consistent basis. With the pressures of work, this will alleviate some stress in having to worry about what you could be missing on your phone. It will make client calls and discussions a lot smoother as well.

A third-party tool will never be needed again to juggle phone calls at work. The Windows 10 preview is expected to go off without a hitch and be a permanent part of Android phone calls for life. Just another breakthrough in a fascinating technological world.

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